This Is How Render (RNDR) Gains AI Edge with Apple’s iPad Pro


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this year unveiled a plethora of AI functionalities. Still, the real showstopper was the introduction of Octane X, a 3D design software, on the new iPad Pro.

Powered by the Render Network, this feature has captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts and developers.

Render (RNDR) Shines Among AI Crypto Projects

Render Network’s decentralized GPU power enables Octane X on the iPad to offer Hollywood-grade computer-generated imagery (CGI) capabilities. This integration marks a significant milestone for Render, showcasing its technology on one of the most popular consumer electronics platforms.

Millions of Apple users now have the ability to tap into unprecedented rendering power, enhancing digital content creation.

“Octane X was featured in Apple’s Keynote! Apple users can augment the massive increase in rendering power on the M4 with access to near unlimited high performance decentralized GPU compute power on Render Network using Octane X,” Render Network stated.

This collaboration signals Apple’s endorsement of Render’s technology, potentially drawing a new wave of developers and creators to the network.

The integration is a strategic win for Render. It validates its vision and technology, indicating that a major player like Apple recognizes the value of decentralized rendering solutions. This could significantly expand Render’s user base and increase demand for its services, ultimately driving up the value of the RNDR token.

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Render System Flow. Source: Gate Learn

Render Network offers a decentralized platform for GPU rendering, connecting artists with GPU owners who have unused capacity. This model creates a new revenue stream for GPU owners while providing artists with affordable, scalable rendering power.

It aims to support next-generation digital rights management, artificial intelligence, and virtual assets like non-fungible tokens.

“Render Network allows us to render 12K high resolution, high sample count, multiple passes in a very short amount of time that would otherwise take months to render on a single GPU,” Alex Pearce, Senior Creative Technologist at Light Sail VR, shared.

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With the combination of Apple’s vast user base and Render Network’s advanced technology, RNDR’s future looks promising. Analysts like Mister Crypto are optimistic, predicting significant price growth, which could reach $100.


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